Pond Scum!

When I travel I have friends give me some well meaning advice. They’ll say, “Bubba, God is blessing the ministry, don’t let it go to your head?”

I’ll have to admit I’ve never had problems with pride concerning the ministry and I know why!

I know exactly what I am! I am a sinner saved by the grace of God! Even though I’m saved I’m still a low down dirty sinner! I told someone one day if they’d go our to the pond and drag the bottom they’d get a bunch of pond scum. That pond scum would be me!

You see, as long as I stay in God’s Word reading it, God continues to shine his light on me. That light doesn’t show me what you are, it shows me what I am and what I’m capable of!

It’s hard to become prideful when God shows you daily what kind of person you are!

Job says in Job 42:5-6, “Wherefore, I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes!”

Repentance Daily Is The Key To Walking With God! Be Blessed!