This morning many of you missed out on spending time with the creator of heaven and earth. My, how He must feel when we reject His fellowship!

We are God’s workmanship and if we’re saved we are to serve Him and Him only! You are a soldier in the Kings army and we are to go into battle for Him daily!

We are not to enter this battle naked as a Jay Bird, we are to enter with God’s armour on! Many Christians today are getting the snot beat out of them because they’ve left their armour hanging in the closet as they drive to work or school.

We’ll never be what God wants us to be until we decide to spend time alone with Him daily! The Bible says in Ephesians to get up and put on the full armour of God!

Rejection and rebellion go hand in hand, where you find the one, you’ll find the other! Today, do not reject God’s fellowship, discipline, forgiveness, mercy and grace!