Right Is What God Says Is Right!

I saw this comment on Facebook!

A young man said, “Isn’t it OK for a man to live to live with a man and a woman to live with a woman?”

He also said, “Doesn’t God want them to be happy since He created them?”

Yes, God does want us to be happy, but its not OK for men to live men and vice versa!

Some men think it’s OK to cheat on their wives, but its not!

Why? Because its just NOT right!

Proverbs 1:3, To receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, and judgement, and equity…

The word justice is righteousness, and it means right behavior!

The things I’ve mentioned above is not right because God says it isn’t right!

So, you might ask yourself! Self, is it right for me to steal, kill, cheat, or commit adultery?

If God says it is right, it is right! If He says it is wrong, it is wrong!

The problem is, the feeling is what the average man does becomes the norm!

This is the reason why there is so much dishonesty and gross immorality in today’s society!

So, if you’re gonna do or say something that is questionable, ask yourself this, “Is it right or wrong in the eyes of The Lord?”