Saddle Up!

I love watching cowboy movies and rodeos. I was watching the rodeo on TV one day and noticed that the majority of the cowboys who tried to ride bulls or horses were thrown off.  As soon as they hit the dirt they’d get up, put their hat back on, brush themselves off and go to the sidelines and quit!

No, they don’t quit, they go off somewhere and think about where they made their mistake in trying to ride the bull or horse. Once they figure it out they try not to make the same mistake again. That’s what makes a cowboy a winner or a loser!

Did you know that their are Christians who live a victorious life and there are those who don’t? They sin and it’s all over! They walk around looking like they’d been beaten with an ugly stick! They feel sorry for letting the Lord down and others!

My advice is, get over it! Take it to the Lord and give it to Him! If you’ve offended someone, go to them and get right! In other words, get off your blessed assurance, get right with the Lord and others and climb back in the saddle again!

Being thrown from a horse is no disgrace, the disgrace comes when the cowboy just lays there on the dirt and feels sorry for himself. In the same way, God knows we’re gonna sin, that’s human nature. That’s why He provided a saviour, a saviour that we can go to and ask  for  forgiveness! Christians, it’s time, no, it’s past time for some of us to get up, brush ourselves off and start all over again!