Shut The Door! Something To Think About!

Many people wonder what God’s will for their lives is. I remember trying to decide in college what God wanted me to do for a living. At first, I decided I was to be a teacher and football coach. Later on I decided I’d be a delivery man for Pepsi Cola. God’s will wasn’t for me to do any of those things so He shut the door! He wanted me to go into the ministry and that’s what I’ll do until the day I die!

God’s will for any man or woman is for them to be saved, but this is a choice each individual must make.

Jesus says in John 6:38, For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me.

God’s will is for you and me to come to him. How wonderful that is! Jesus came down from heaven so that sinful man could be born again! But you have to come to him, that is the only way! You must come to the Lord Jesus by faith!

I realize now I am a teacher and I’m also a delivery boy. I teach people God’s Word and I delivery God’s message to a lost and dying world and that’s what you are to! Let’s do our jobs today with zeal and excitment!