Taking Inventory!

Every now and then I have to take inventory concerning the ministry. I go out into the garage and open all my suitcases. I check to see how many 72 inch balloons I have, these are the balloons we put kids in. I also check to see how much flash paper and animal balloons I have in my possession! I check my darts out for my blow dart gun, making sure they are straight and sharpened! This is something I do before every trip, for you see, I don’t want to get somewhere and not have what I need!

We also need to take inventory of our personal lives. We need to ask ourselves daily, “What am I doing for the Lord?” “Is what I’m fixing to say going to bring honor and glory to the Lord?” or “How is my attitude towards God and others?”

I truly believe God take inventory of the things we do and say. I don’t know if He writes it down or not, but I do know He remembers. He remembers the good and the bad. He’ll also forget the bad if we’ll ask Him for forgiveness!         Psalms 51:9 says, “Hide thy face from my sins, and blot out all mine iniquities.”