The Bubba Adventure in Belen, New Mexico!

This past weekend I was at First Baptist Church in Belen, New Mexico!

On Friday night there was an outdoor event called “The Taste of Belen” and the entire community was invited!

I lead the folks in Grin Again Gang and told the story of Jonah in the Whale from inside a black balloon!

During the invitation we had 15 to 20 people make a decision for our Lord!

On Sunday morning I talked about how God wants to do a miracle in your heart and life!

During the invitation over 40 people walked the aisle and 4 or 5 of those were professions of faith!

I thank you all once again for remembering me in your prayers as I travel throughout this great country God has given us to live in!

Be blessed! I’ll cya here, there, or in the air!