The Bubba Adventure Update, South Main Street Baptist Church, Greenwood South Carolina!

Hello Friends,

I haven’t received the total number of decisions as of yet from last weeks visit in South Carolina. I can tell you the exact number of people who’ve  made professions of faith.

Are you ready for this? I will say, if this doesn’t light your shucks, you’re wood is soaking wet!

Pastor Alan Quigley told me that 110 people made a profession of faith! Now this is something to hoot and holler about!

Please pray for Pastor Alan and his staff as they follow up on all decisions. Pray they’ll be diligent in doing so. Pray that God will give them wisdom and keep them safe as they venture into new territory!

I thank you for praying for me, the ministry, and the souls that’s been saved and the lives that’s been changed.

Here, there, or in the air! Pastor Gene Bubba WrightFacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailShare