Two Ways You Can Tell If A Person Is A Christian Or Not!

I’m in Edmond, Oklahoma at my sons shop. I came down this morning to hang out and  have some lunch with the young man. I left my Bible at Ron’s house so I won’t be able to provide you with all the Bible Scriptures needed! Please bear with me!

In Georgia, I have kin folk living there that I wouldn’t know if they walked through the front door. I will say this, if you put a Wright in a police lineup I do believe I could pick them out, especially the men. You see, the Wright’s have two identifying features. They have bushy eyebrows and they’re going bald.

Christians also have two identifying features. Number one, a Christian will not continue living in sin. He may fall into sin, but he’ll not camp in his sin for long. He has a desire to be right with God! Number two, a Christian will have a love for his brothers and sisters in Christ. What I mean is, they’ll have a genuine concern for their well being! These are two identifying marks of a true believer!

I know we’re not suppose to judge others, but dog gone it, we can check em out to see if they’re producing fruit. If a Christian isn’t producing fruit there’s something drastically wrong!