What Do You Glory In?

As a nation and individual, “What are some things we glory in or brag about?”

Some folks put their trust in human wisdom, power, and riches. We think if the who is in office is highly intelligent we can trust them and take what they say to the bank!

Some folks place their trust in the all mighty dollar and the stock market. As a matter of fact, there are some people I know who spend more time on the computer checking the stock market than they do reading the word of God!

Our strength as a nation should not lie in the fact that we have more nuclear warheads than anyone else, or how smart we think the ones in office are!

Our strength that we have should lie in our spiritual values, moral values, our character and our purpose!

We should be a nation and individuals that places it’s glory in knowing a God who shows loving kindness, who will be fair in His judgment, and is righteous!

God says, “Let him glory in this, that he understands an knows me!”

If you’re just coasting along in your relationship with the Lord, You’re Going Down Hill!