What Idols Are You Putting Before The Lord?

The Israelites made idols of gold and wood and worshipped them instead of our Lord. They’d talk to a golden calve or some type of image believing it could hear them and help them. That kind of nonsense still goes on today!

You might say you don’t do things like that but I beg your pardon. We’ve all allow something to come between us and God!

Many people give themselves to things that take them away from God. These things can’t help us, they don’t lift us up, they don’t bring joy to our lives, and in fact they can’t save us!

I wonder how many people who read this got up this morning and rushed off to work without spending time with the one who created them.

If that’s what you did, work is your idol!

God desires to be first in your life! He doesn’t demand it, He leaves that decision up to you!

Be blessed and have a wonderful day in the Lord!