What Your Excuse?

Excuses, we make em all the time. I remember a time when welived in Muskogee, OK. I was working at Pepsi Cola and I woke up with a low grade fever. I felt fine but due to the fact I had a fever I talked myself out of going to work!

I’ve also pulled the same kind of shenanigans concerning church over the years. I can remember a time when we lived in Muskogee and we attended Eastern Heights Baptist Church. I wasn’t on staff then, but I was the Director of the Junior High Department.

The weather man predicted ice and snow so I decided we were not going to church because it would be dangerous.

Guess what? It never snowed and the road never iced over. The problem was the weather, the problem was with me. You see, at the time I had a heart condition, I wasn’t walking with the Lord the way I should.

Read the verse below.

2 Samuel 23:20, Benaiah son of Jehoiada, a valiant fighter from Kabzeel, performed great exploits. He struck down Moab’s two mightiest warriors. He also went down into a pit on a snowy day and killed a lion.

Many people want go to church if it’s snowing, raining hard, during hunting season or because of a ballgame coming on at high noon, but this man slew a lion in the time of snow!

This dude had his priorities straight. Do You?