Why Don’t People Read It?

As I was reading the Bible this morning I wondered by Christians don’t read God’s Word daily the way they should. I put myself in their place because it hasn’t been that long ago since I was there myself. Listed below is a few of my excuses!

One – I was down right lazy, I didn’t have the time and I didn’t take the time! It wasn’t important to me!  Two – God’s Word showed me sin in my life that  I needed to get rid of.  Three – God  showed me things through the reading of His Word that He wanted me to do!

You see, reading God’s Word is like eating a spoon full of honey, it taste good, but sometimes it becomes bittersweet, and it upsets us because we can’t stomach what it says!

Psalms 119:103 says, “How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey in my mouth!”FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailShare