Why People Don’t Read God’s Word! Something To Think About!

I wonder why Christians don’t read God’s Word daily. To answer that question I went to an expert on the subject and that is Me. For many years I’d get up, go to church, teach and preach and never have a consistent Quiet Time. By the grace of God, He used me anyway!

Praise God, I no longer do that! I haven’t missed having my QT in over 2 years and 7 months. Back to the question as to why Christians don’t have their Quiet Time? Laziness, They Get Busy, or They Don’t Give A Fat Rat!

I truly believe why most Christians don’t have Quiet Times is because God’s Word shows them who they are and what they are. You see, we want to be padded on the back and told that we’re good boys and girls. God’s Word shows us the kind of rascals we really are, and we don’t want nothin to do with that.

You must understand like I did. God can’t help us or change us until we realize what we are and confess it. Then He can take a lump of clay and mold it and make it into what He wants it to be! If ya wanna be like Jesus ya gotta spend time with Him!