Are You A Hit And Miss Christian!

Everyday I take time to read God’s Word. It hasn’t always been that way. For many years I was a hit and miss Christian. Sometimes I’d get up and spend time alone with the Lord and sometimes I wouldn’t! I remember waking up many times knowing I should grab my bible and read it, but then I’d simply brush that idea under the rug!

During that time in my life God used me in spite of myself. I do wonder how much more He could have used me if I hadn’t been brushing Him off! I’ve come to the conclusion that hit and miss Christians are not very sincere at all. I wasn’t, I was just playing the game.

You see, every sincere child of God wants to have fellowship with the Father. They have a want to, to walk in the light of the Word. The ongoing problem is sin! Sin in the life of a Christian, whether it be big or small breaks communion with the Father and creates hit and miss Christians.

Today, you and I may say, “I don’t do anything really bad.” But how about doing good? James says in James 4:17, “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin!”

Aren’t you tired of  being a hit and miss Christian? Aren’t you tired of brushing that little sin under the rug that keeps you from having fellowship with the Lord? Let God have His way in your life today!FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailShare