Does Fear Control You? Something To Think About!

There has been times that fear controls what I do, what I say and the way I think! My biggest fear is being locked up in a closet or being bound! I have a large mail bag that I use to preach a sermon on concerning the return of Jesus. You have to get inside the bag with someone and allow yourself to be locked inside the bag with the other person.

I don’t like preaching this sermon because of that so I try to avoid it. There are times God wants me to do it and I know it, so I have to make a choice. Am I going to be obedient, or is fear gonna get the best of me! I’ll have to admit, there has been times that fear has gotten the best of me and I didnt’ obey!

There are people who have a fear of flying, a fear of witnessing, a fear of giving and the list goes on and on. Fear keeps us from being all that we can be for God. God says in Genesis 26:24, “Fear not, I am with thee…” Even inside the mail bag He is there, I simply need to trust Him!