God Knows Where The Bugs Are!

As we were driving into South Fork, Colorado last week I was amazed at what God had created. We were surrounded by mountains on both sides. On one side the mountains were covered with trees and on the other side the mountains were rocky and bare.

As I drove down the road I thought about all the bears, elk, deer, birds and bugs the mountains gave refuge to. I told Robin and the girls, “Isn’t God awesome? God knows where every animal and bug is on the mountain!” If God cares enough about little bugs to know where they are and where they live on the mountain, “How much more does He care for you and me?”

Sometimes people think God has forgotten or abandoned them. Well, be encouraged, He hasn’t! He knows your address and He knows your cell phone number. He knows what you’re going through today. He knows your needs and He knows your wants! He knows exactly where you are physically, mentally, and spiritually! God is here, there, He is everywhere!

If you don’t since God’s presence in your life today  it may be because of you! Have you met with Him recently? Have you call upon the name of the Lord? The Lord says in Psalms 91:15, “He shall call upon me, and I will answer Him: I will be with Him in trouble: I will deliver Him, and honour Him.”