Thankful For Air Conditioning!

Yesterday we left Houston to drive to Colorado for vacation. As we drove down the road I checked the temperature outside and it was 108. Boy, am I thankful that my RAV4 has a good air conditioner!

I remember going to church with Gail Blalock when I was a teenager. She had this old beat up car with no air conditioner at all. By the time we arrived at church it looked like we had taken a shower. The only relief we had was the wind blowing in our faces as we drove down the road.

Driving down the road yesterday I’d see some people who had no air conditioning at all and I felt sorry for them. As I write this devotional I think about all the people who don’t know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. When they die, they’ll go to hell, a place where they’ll live in torment forever, with no relief at all!

Jesus is their way out and it’s up to us to take Jesus to them!  I ask myself this question, “What am I doing to get the Word of God out?” You need to ask yourself that question as well! We are to sow the Word and let God take care harvest!