There Was A Party Going On Right Here!

Two weekends ago our youngest daughter Miranda graduated from high school. Everyone was here to celebrate that occasion. There were 17 people in our house that weekend and we had a ball.

I was sitting in my recliner and listening to what was going on. People laughing upstairs and down, chatter taking place all around, and the grand kids putting on a show for their Mia and Paw Paw! We just hung out and had a week end long party.

Can you imagine what it’s gonna be like in heaven when we get there. People laughing, chatting and having a grand ole time! We get to see family and friends that have died and went before us. We’ll get to see the thief on the cross and the Samaritan woman that came to know Jesus at the well.

We’ll finally get to see the one who made it all possible by shedding His precious blood for us. We’ll walk down the streets of gold together and we’ll get to see the mansions Jesus has prepared just for us!  A party will take place and that party will continue for an eternity! Praise God for His goodness!