Mathematics of a Miracle! Something To Think About

Once upon a time Jesus and his disciples were out on a mountain with 5,000 men including their wives and children. It was time to eat so Jesus told his disciples to feed the people.

They didn’t have money to buy enough groceries to feed the crowd so one of his disciples said, “Lord, there is a lad here who has five loaves of bread and two small fish!

Jesus had the people sit down in an orderly manner and he took the bread and gave thanks. He then gave it to his disciples and they gave it to the people. Everyone ate until their tummies were about to pop. After they’d finished, they gathered twelve baskets full of food.

Impossible you say! Nothing is impossible with Jesus. You see, what you need in this equation is what McGee calls the Mathematics of a Miracle! You need Jesus. I tell you, if you have the five loaves of bread, plus the two fish, plus Jesus, then you’ve got something. Without HIM you have nothing at ALL!

What we have is the Lords. Our money, our positions and our talents all belong to Him. We just need to allow him to do with it and us as he pleases! Serve the Lord with gladness during this holiday season!