Tim Tebow, Why I Root For Him! Something To Think About!

It’s Tebow Time! It’s Tim Tebow this and Tim Tebow that. I know that many of you are fed up with hearing about Tim Tebow. It’s true, he’s not the most talented quarterback on the face of Gods green earth. He doesn’t throw a perfect spiral and he doesn’t always make the right decisions.

Millions of youngsters look up to him and that irrates the fool out of many of you. Let me say this, “I like the young man!” He’s a Christian and he’s trying to live for our Lord in a sport that hardly mentions Christ at all.

He’s a fine example for our kids. Deion Sanders said, “Tim Tebow will let the world know about his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!” Another commentator said, “Tim Tebow told him that he prays that God wouldgive him the strength to give Him the glory at the end of every game, win or lose!”

As Christians, lets stop bashing Tim Tebow, He’s attempting to give honor and glory to our Lord in a world living in darkness! I pray he’ll continue to keep his eyes on Jesus just like I should!

I root for him because of who he stands for, not because of the game he plays.  He stands for Jesus and I support him because of that 100 percent! Let’s give God glory and honor today for who he is and what he’s doing in our lives!