Sounds! Something To Think About!

It’s 7:08 a.m. on a Saturday morning and I’m sitting in my recliner reading my bible. As I sit hear I realize how blessed I am. I just heard a blue jay call outside my window. I hear Robin upstairs walking around getting on to George my basset hound. And yes, I can hear the voice of God whisper in my ear!

God continues to show me how blessed I am to be married to a woman like Robin. He shows me how blessed I am to have George living here even though he sheds, for he lets us know when someone is stirring around outside. God shows me how blessed I am that I can hear a blue jays call early in the morning.

I’m blessed that God talks to me, a sinner. I’m blessed that He wants to spend time with me! It still amazes me after being a Christian all these years that the King of Kings wants to meet with me daily! I am blessed, you are blessed and our families are blessed! Let’s thank God today for His mercy and grace!