The Bubba Adventure Update, Tuesday, FBC, Stroud, Oklahoma

God never ceases to amaze me. Tonight I crawled inside a black balloon and told the story of Jonah in the Whale as if I were Jonah.

When I got to the part where the whale spit me out I popped the balloon scaring most of the people there. I know, because I watched them jump!

I told them the reason they jumped was because they didn’t expect me to pop the huge balloon. I asked them this question, “If the Lord came back right now unexpectedly would you be ready for His return?”

I gave an invitation and 13 people walked the aisle, 6 of them had made a profession of faith.

So far there has been 62 decisions and 13 of those have been salvations!

Let’s give God the praise and glory for the things happening in Stroud, Oklahoma at First Baptist Church!