The Tongue. A Curse Or A Cure?

This morning I’m sitting in my recliner at home in Cypress, Texas near the fire with a blanket over my bod! Believe it or not, it’s been chilly here the last few days!

Today we’re going to compare the tongue with fire. You do know that when fire is under control it can be a great friend. It warms the body and is used to cook our food, however, if it’s out of control it can be very dangerous and deadly!

Not long ago I read about a lady from my home down in Georgia who had died because her trailer caught fire. Even in today’s modern society we cannot control fires!

The tongue is like a fire, and when it’s under control it is a blessing, but when it’s out of control it can be a very dangerous and deadly thing. Like a fire the tongue can burn through a family, business, school, or church. Your tongue can be a curse or a cure! The Bible says the tongue of the wise is health!