Have you ever asked the Lord why this or that is happening?

Jeremiah was living under the rule of an evil king. The people had turned their backs on God and wanted nothing to do with Him.

Evil men were prospering and the ones who were living for the Lord was struggling!

The king and those who served under him did exactly what they wanted to, not considering the ways of the Lord for their hearts were far from Him!

Doesn’t this sound familiar? Look at the leadership of this country! Their ways are evil, they do exactly what they want, they’re getting rich, and they don’t care about the opinion of the people!

Let me be honest with you. Things do look bad today, but there going to get worse. The knowledge of knowing this should draw us closer to the Lord.

God does not explain to us all the details like we wish he would, but He does tell us we can trust Him to do the right thing!

God has a plan and in the end His plan will prevail! You can take that to the bank Y’all!