You Have To Decide!

Jeremiah was a man who believed in preaching the Word of God. He didn’t candy coat his message to God’s people, He told them exactly the way it was.

Many preachers today have gotten away from preaching the Word of God because they feel like it’s going to offend someone!

One pastor I served with told us that he wasn’t going to preach on sin anymore because it offended people. I should have resigned right there on the spot!

The message today from many is, “Come to Jesus, and He will give you a new personality, and He may make you rich. You’re going to get along real well!”

That’s not what we learn from Jeremiah. Jeremiah says that it will cost you something to turn to God and walk with Him, but it will be worth it!

Let me give you some friendly advice. If you are attending a church where the preacher isn’t preaching God’s Word you need to “GET OUT” and find yourself a church where “HE DOES!”

You Have To Decide!