A Bad Connection! Something To Think About!

Have you ever tried to work on your computer and it was as slow as a turtle crossing the street? Sometimes my computer seems slow because I don’t give it a chance to open properly and sometimes it doesn’t work right because it’s been infected with some kind of virus!

When this happens I run a scan that takes up to an hour or so to complete. This scan shows me what virus may have infected my computer and then removes it.

Sometimes I don’t act right, think right, or talk like I’m a Christian. The reason being is because I’ve allowed some type of virus or sin to enter my life. When this happens the Holy Spirit shows me exactly what I’ve done wrong and then He’ll remove it if I allow Him to do so.

You see, the Holy Spirit is a gentlemen! He doesn’t force me to get right, He shows me the things I’ve done to break fellowship with the Lord, and then He let’s me decide!

The Lord says to be holy as He is Holy! I don’t have to sin, and you don’t have to sin, it’s a choice we make daily!