I Got It Figured Out! Something To Think About!

I’ve got it figured out why people who say their Christians don’t have a daily Quiet Time!

Some who say their Christians may not be, they’re down right lazy, their to busy, or they don’t like what they see in themselves when they read the Bible.

I have three juggling swords. While preaching during a revival service God gave me a fantastic object lesson. I called a man to the front and gave him one of the swords and asked him to look into the metal part! 

I said, “Can you see yourself?” He said, “Yes!” I then said, “If you had a zit on your nose could you see it in the reflection of the sword?” He said, “Yes!” The sword acted as a mirror and that man could have shaved himself looking into that thing!

God’s Word is like a mirror. It shows us who we really are. It show us the zits in our lives we need to get rid of. The thing is, at times we don’t want to get rid of sin in our lives. You see, sin looks good, feels good, and taste good, but only for a little while!

Let me encourage you to take a look at yourself in Gods Word daily. You may not like what you see in the beginning, but if you’ll allow God do a complete make over daily He’ll be pleased, and in the end that’s what really matters!