A Black Eye! Something To Think About!

Once upon a time there was a preacher who lived in the United States. This preacher was successful at his church. His members loved him and the community knew him well. His church was the talk of the town. People were joining weekly and some were being saved and following the Lord in believers baptism.

One Sunday he suddenly resigned. Word had gotten out that he’d had an affair. Some might say, “What in the world is wrong with that man? He had everything, love from his wife, love from his children and love from his people!” He really blew it boy!

That’s right, he did, but I’ll not join in criticizing the man, I’ll pray for him. This could happen to any of us and probably has. Jesus says, “If a man looks at a woman with lust in his heart he has already committed adultery!”

This is a true story and it happened to a brother in the USA. Is he still my brother? Yes! Is he still a child of God? Yes! The problem is, he’s given God and the church a black eye! Let’s pray for this man, his wife and children. Let’s pray that God will restore their marriage and he’ll continue to serve God somewhere in the near future! (Take Heed, Unless You Fall!)