Sinlessness Will Allow You To Cast Stones! Something To Think About!

Shocking, absolutely shocking. I mean, some of the things people say and do absolutely blows me away! You hear about this person killing his neighbor, that person having an affair with someones wife. They need to be hog tied and strung up in a tree with honey poured all over them so that the ants can have a New Years Day Feast!

Sounds harsh doesn’t it! There was a woman in the Bible caught in adultery and the Pharisees brought her to Jesus. They wanted her to be stoned and they wanted to know if he agreed. Basically they were trying to trap him.

They were judge and jury and they had already found her guilty. We have no right to point a finger at anyone in any situation unless we meet the requirements! The requirement is SINLESSNESS! I don’t know about you but this takes me out of the stone throwing business!

Remember, when you point one finger at someone, there is three pointing back at you!