Assyria, God’s Rod of Chastisement!

Isaiah 10:5, O Assyrian, the rod of mine anger, and the staff in their hand is mine indignation.

Israel had turned their backs on God just like the USA, and God used Assayria as a rod to spank His peoples britches!

This is absolutely amazing! Just as you take up a switch to spank little Bubba or Bubbette who has done wrong, so God is using Assyria as a paddle!

He is using them to discipline His people, not because He hates them, it’s because he loves them!

Believe me when I say Robin and I did not spare the rod around our house. We tore our kids britches up when they needed it, and they needed it a lot. We did this, not because we hated them, we did it because of love!

I wonder what nation God is going to use to spank the nation of America! When this happens, let’s remember the light that has been shone on us and the light so many have rejected!

Remember, Everything He Does And Is Going To Do Will Be Done Because Of His Great Love For Us!

Be blessed this fine day!