Guilty or Not!

Most people have been keeping up with the Casey Anthony case. Next Sunday, this woman who many feels is guilty will be released from prison to roam the streets of our cities. To tell you the truth no one knows if she’s guilty or not with the exception of two people, her and our Lord!

Take heart, sooner or later, this woman who many feels is guilty will be dealt with by the one who created her. Adam and Eve were dealt with! Moses, the lawgiver was dealt with, and David, the man who God said was a man after His own heart was dealt with after he committed murder!

We try to sweep our sin under the rug and hide it do we not, but we can’t hide a speck of sin from our Lord! He sees it, He knows it, and He hears it!

The Lord says, “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, I will repay!” Yep, things happen in this old world that we don’t agree with! Just remember this, God is the one who’ll always set things right!