Pet Sins! Something To Think About!

Do you have problems with sin? You might not have a problem with cussing but you have a problem with gossip! You might not have a problem with making fun of others but you have a problem with dwelling on impure thoughts!

I struggle with my pets sins. Sins that I know I should get rid of but they seem to keep coming back now and then, and they keep coming back because I enjoy them!

You see, we sin because sin smells good, taste good, feels good, and looks good! We also sin because deep down we are a bunch of rascals!

Paul said, “For what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I…O wretched man that I am!”

Paul had his pet sins just like you and I. One thing I can say about him is, he did realize that he was a rascal and that he needed help which is half the battle being won!

I have some good news. The battle of sin will be over when we’re walking down the streets of gold in glory! Praise God!