I Didn’t Do It! Something To Think About!

Folks, I didn’t do it! You’re probably wondering what I didn’t do! Here ya go! When I was in high school I learned how to swim in the river by Bubba Taylor’s house. I dog paddled across the river and then headed back to the other side.

Half way across I got tired. I went under once and didn’t panick. When I went under the next time I said to myself, “If you don’t swim out of here this time you’re gonna drown!” When I came up that time I swam out!

The next weekend I went to the pool and jumped off the high dive for the first time. I got tired and couldn’t get out. I needed help and the lifeguard was paying no attention. Greg Still, a young man that weighted close to 100 pounds if that soaking wet jumped in and tried to help!

I told him to leave me alone and I’d get out myself. When I got out of that pool I was embarrassed and frustrated! I realized today that I never thanked Greg for trying to save me! That’s what I didn’t do!

There’s a song that says, “I was sinking deep in sin far from the peaceful shore!” I was, you were, and many in this world is drowning in sin but thanks be to God we have a Saviour. Let me encourage you to thank God for His salvation!