The Most Dangerous Thing In The Whole Wide World! Something To Think About!

Once upon a time there was a little boy who lived on a farm in Georgia. This boy loved being on the outside! He was told as he’d go to the woods to watch out for rattlesnakes. He was taught to watch out for black widow spiders that was hiding under logs or boards.

He grew up thinking that rattlesnakes and black widow spiders were two of the most dangerous things God had created, and they are!

My friend, the most dangerous thing on the face of Gods green earth is to hear the gospel preached and then turn your back on it! If  a person just goes on listening and listening and does not accept it and act on it, there comes a time when that person cannot hear and cannot see! It it to late!

John 12:37, But though he had done so many miracles before them, yet they believed him not!

It’s down right sad when a lost person goes to church, hears the Word of God preached and walks out during the invitation lost as a goose in a hell storm. Don’t allow that to get you down in the dumps. It happened during the days of Jesus and it will continue to happen now! Just be faithful and continue bringing them in to the house of the Lord!