Why, Why, Why? Something To Think About!

Once upon a time many years ago there was a couple named Mike and Nancy. Nancy was pregnant and at the beginning of the pregnancy they were told that something was wrong with their child. They were told that the child would never make it and the doctors suggested an abortion.

This fine couple decided not to have an abortion! Nancy carried the baby until he was born! When the baby came he looked normal but his little brain had not developed! I held that baby and I sat there in the hospital as that little boy died and went to heaven!

All during that time I never heard either one of the parents ask God why? God allows things to happen for a reason. There was a blind man in the bible that Jesus healed and His disciples thought he was blind because of his sin or his parents sin. Jesus told them that wasn’t the case!

God has his own reasons for permitting sickness, disease, suffering and trouble. God has his way, and he doesn’t propose to tell us his reasons. What he does do is ask us to walk with him by faith through the dark times of our lives!