You Can Take It To The Bank!

There were 150,000 Assyrians garthered outside the wall of Jerusalem! Things looked bad for Jerusalem, it look as if the city was going to fall!

King Hezekiah went to the temple, got down on his knees before God, cried out for deliverance, and God sent him a message through Isaiah.

Isaiah told him not to worry. As a matter of fact he told him that not one arrow would be shot into the city!

Let’s look at this for a minute, 150,000 soldiers outside the city, they all had a quiver full of arrows and not one arrow was going to be shot in the city! You would think out of 150,000 soldiers there would be one tricker happy fellow in the group!

What Isaiah told the king came true because that’s what God told Isaiah to tell him!

God promised to take care of his people then and he promises to take care of his people now!

Fear Not, You Can Take That To The Bank!