Pastor James Scarbourgh, Harmony Hill Baptist Church, Lufkin, Texas

The Bubba Adventure was fantastic!  Pastor Gene came to our church and led our

children’s worship service for a special bring-a-friend Sunday.  I was so

impressed that the children sang the silly songs LOUDLY, and watched the

illustrations QUIETLY, and seemed to ENTHUSIASTICALLY learn truths from the

Bible from his crazy antics.  He kept their attention for nearly 90

minutes…that’s a miracle!  I posted a video of him on our ministry’s Facebook

page, and it got hundreds of views in a few days!  I whole heartedly recommend

him for any children’s ministry event, and understand that he is a dynamic

speaker for adults retreats, camps, and revivals.  I’ve known Pastor Gene for

five years, and can attest to his enthusiasm, his integrity, and his love for